What’s Your Flavour


What’s Your Flavour

The aromatic scents of cacao, cumin, toasted nuts, and caramel; the bold, rich, and distinct flavours that tickle the tongue; the soothing sensation of warmth throughout your body. There is something delectable, exotic, and comforting about coffee. And to the desperately exhausted, there is also a cruel necessity of the caffeine within.


As a cancer survivor battling through fatigue; as an individual suffering from low iron; and as a full-time mommy to an active – very very active – 3yr old boy, I’ve come to learn that coffee truly is my best friend (as I have previously discussed in my post), and to parent through my exhaustion, coffee has become my necessity. In fact, I rely on coffee so often that I now feel like I’ve become an amateur coffee connoisseur. I know where the best lattes in the city are made; I know where to go for beans that are not just ethical but richly delicious; and I even have amazing, thoughtful people getting me coffee from as far as New York City and Paris, France! I savour each inhale, each sip, each cuppa, and it is not to be wasted! I’m a bit of a nut about the bean. And I am sure that many parents, especially parents of little ones, experience this caffeine pleasure. I know that anytime a play date for my little guy is arranged there is always coffee for the mommies in hand … so what’s your flavour? Do you go for lighter bodied coffees? Do you prefer a richer, bolder flavour? Are you a latteholic (which truthfully, is me)? Do you feel moments of guilty pleasure indulging in this caffeine-laced brew? I do.


whats-your-flavourAt a recent check-up with my doctor, it was recommended that I limit my coffee intake to one cup per day. One? Just ONE? I laughed. I laughed out loud. I meant no disrespect to my doctor. Her concern is that the caffeine is interfering with my sleep. Haha! My arguments for enjoying my brewed bevy are valid. I am battling cancer-related fatigue; I have low iron; I parent a pre-schooler all day; and then I go to work in the evenings. I average about 6 hours of broken sleep per night – broken – because my little guy wakes up 1-2-3-and sometimes 4 times in a night, whether it is from bad dreams, or wanting water and milk, or just wanting cuddles, so it is that caffeine which allows me to feel like a functioning human being in the wee hours of the morn. Without it, I feel lethargic, unfocused, cranky, and horribly exhausted. And I do take care of myself. I eat healthy, balanced meals. I exercise. I rest, which sometimes leads to napping. I drink lots of water. I take an iron supplement. I focus on the positive and do not give my energy to the negative. But, my coffee break is a little ritual that gives me simple pleasure and simple joy. And truthfully? There are worse things I could be addicted to. In fact, I recently read an article outlining the 13 Health Benefits of Coffee, which I found enlightening. It eased some of that guilty pleasure of being a coffeeholic.


And so I will continue to enjoy my exotic, bold brew. I will close my eyes, inhale the aromatic scents and take a moment to distinguish the notes within. Then I will sip. And I will sigh. And for a moment, just a moment, I will feel like I am sitting in a quaint sidewalk cafe, in the heart of the 6th arrondissement, basking in the warm Parisian sunshine. Because with my coffee, I journey into my memories and the moments I have lived.



What’s Your Flavour. Published by Crystal Joy Hall

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