25 Reasons Why I Love You

25 Reasons Why I Love You

Today is Valentine’s Day. Fourteen years ago, on this day, I went on a date that altered my life forever…

In my posts I talk a lot about cancer, about my own personal strifes, and about the challenges of being a Mom. But today, I want to talk about marriage. Truthfully, I have talked about my marriage before in my post We’ll Always Have Paris. So perhaps this is merely a continuation of my earlier thoughts…

Marriage is not a commitment to be taken lightly. It involves merging two separate lives – two unique personalities. For a marriage to be successful there must be trust, respect, commitment, and compromise. The passion felt in the beginning will not last. It alters and changes, it ebbs and flows. It matures as the marriage evolves and as the individuals grow. It changes. Ambitions and goals will also change, so there must be communication, support, and faith. Know that a marriage is complex; and just as it can be difficult to navigate through your own life, navigating through a marriage is fraught with challenges. But – the fundamental point to remember when experiencing those complicated moments is the reason(s) you are with your partner. If you can remember the reasons you are together then you can make it through those abstruse moments.

So today – to the man who altered my life path – here are my 25 reasons why I love you.

1.  You challenge me to be the best of myself

2.  You fight fairly

3.  You share your stories

4.  You laugh at my silliness

5.  You wash dishes

6.  You washed my hair when I could not

7.  You wait up for me each night

8.  You make me tea

9.  You ask how I am

10. You come with me to my mammogram appointments so that I am not alone

11. You still think I am pretty even after all the scars

12. You stand by me

13. You massage my feet

14. You hold me up when I fall

15. You support my ambitions

16. You watch romcoms with me

17. You forgive my OCD

18. You play with our son

19. You work hard to provide for us

20. You did not argue when I adopted a cat

21. You always say goodnight

22. You are kind

23. Your sense of humour carries us through the darker moments

24. You bring me lattes

25. You love unconditionally

I could easily pen another 25 reasons, but why not take this moment – your moment – to reflect on why you are with your partner and perhaps give thanks. And if you are not married take this opportunity to think about the relationship(s) that you value. Share your reasons why that person(s) is a remarkable influence in your life.

After all, it is Valentine’s Day. Have the courage to share your love and to honour the love bestowed upon you. xo

25 Reasons Why I Love You. Published by Crystal Joy Hall

Featured Image by Jasmine Wallace Carter

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