Everything Goes Too Fast


Everything Goes Too Fast

Early morning sunrise. A child’s laughter. A husband’s gentle touch. Dew sparkling on rich green grass and dripping from flowers in bloom. The morning song of birds. The smell of summer wafting in the air. Life prevalent all around you. Breathe it. Hear it. Taste it. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Experiencing this life? Fighting for this life? For one more sunrise? One last sunset? Hugs. Kisses. Laughter. Moments.


We all have our days – sometimes weeks – sometimes months where life feels mundane. You wake. You work. You sleep. You struggle to make ends meet. You grow tired. You get frustrated. You snap. You wonder what the point is. What the struggle is all about. You begin to wonder if it matters. What matters. Does anything matter. We’ve all been in these dark places and we’ve all felt those same aggravations.


who-caresWith the diagnosis of cancer comes the cruel realization that you are now at war. At war with your own body, the vessel to your soul. And it is that soul that fights with a power that one cannot begin to comprehend. It is that soul that knows this life – this one life – is truly worth fighting for. The good, the bad, the mundane. It all matters. Because when that diagnosis is given to you, you realize how precocious, precarious, and absolutely perfect life is. Each moment is spectacular, even the mundane. Each moment shapes and transforms you. Each moment enriches your life. Each moment is just that – a moment in time. And time is what you fight for.


By nature I am an impatient person. I rush through my days, always trying to conquer more than is realistic. I am my own worst critic, and I never seem content with what I have – always striving for more – travel more, do more, succeed more. But, having cancer changed me. The core being of who I am is still the same. I am still sensitive, emotional, impatient, and silly. But I now understand and realize just how rich life is. The small things truly aren’t worth fretting over. Life will unfold as it should, when it should. It is the journey that it takes you on that truly matters. It is that journey that is your gift. It is your life.


Everything goes too fast. Slow down. Even if only for a moment. Stop and breathe. Listen and hear. Life is prevalent all around you, whether it’s the serene sunrise you see, or the honk of a car that you hear. It is all amazing. Every. Single. Moment. This life that you have, it is yours to enjoy. Share it. Fight for it. Love it. Lose yourself in a daydream. Walk barefoot through the grass. Lift your face to the warmth of the sun. Count the stars in the sky. Giggle more. Hug more. Love more. Even if only for a moment. Because that is what it is all about. Moments. And you don’t have to love every single moment. You cannot possibly. But appreciate all of it. It is your journey. And it really is one worth fighting for. xo



Everything Goes Too Fast. Published by Crystal Joy Hall

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