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Five Going on Fifteen

I have encountered the many stages of the ages, as mentioned in my previous parenting posts (take a read if you dare!), and now I find myself parenting a five-year-old-going-on-fifteen. Wow. It’s wild! These Foolhardy Fives have been a tumultuous ride! Even with my seatbelt fastened...

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A Test of Wills

Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once. - Paulo Coelho I am struggling. I am struggling with the long, cold, harsh, bleak days hanging down on us. I am...

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Perhaps...Just Perhaps

Perhaps… Just Perhaps

Surviving breast cancer has it’s own set of challenges, hurdles, and set-backs. Your body has changed. Your mindset is altered. Your courage is challenged, almost daily, because you can never truly let go of the fear and the angst. You learn to function with it...

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No Regrets Please.

In 1994 I was given the opportunity to study musical theatre performance at a prestigious theatre school in New York City, in lieu of attending a university here in Canada. With my parents’ blessing, I chose New York. I was 19 years old and very...

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