It’s the Little Things

It’s the Little Things

Sometimes we just need time away from our lives. We need a break from the all responsibilities, stress, and demands. When things become overwhelming or daunting, or if you’re suffering anxiety or burnout, often shaking up the daily routine will allow you to relax, recharge, and distract.

Last weekend my anxiety was peaking. I really needed distraction. I needed to not think about my upcoming mammogram. So, with my family onboard with the idea, we decided to have a little adventure in the heart of Toronto.

Toronto was celebrating it’s 20th annual Doors Open – an event that offers the public an opportunity to explore more than 150 buildings across the city, from the most historic to the most modern – for FREE! We decided to make this our adventure, and we let Liam choose the destinations. He decided on the Toronto City Archives, Old City Hall, and Black Creek Pioneer Village. Interesting choices for a 5 year old!

At the Archives we explored photographs of Toronto from as far back as the 1850s, marvelling on how much the city has grown and changed over these 160 years, and we had fun making buttons from copies of old photographs. Liam even discovered a 3-part photograph showing the various stages of construction of the CN Tower. We bought a copy for him, to frame and hang in his room.

At Old City Hall we explored the breathtaking design, and various materials used to create this architectural gem. We sat in a courtroom, we explored the mezzanine, and we even found a pay phone, which I then had to explain to Liam what it was, and how you use it. I think Liam’s only disappointment with Old City Hall is that he was not allowed to explore the clock tower (it was closed to the public).

Mosaic Tiles. Old City Hall

Black Creek Pioneer Village is one of my son’s favourite places to visit, therefore it wasn’t the first time that we have been there. Yet each year that we go, I cannot help but notice how Liam’s interests have evolved. He explores more, asks relevant questions, and is eager to learn about the days of old. He is fascinated by the growth and evolution of our society. It is no wonder he chose these establishments for our adventure – they exhibit progression.

The events of Doors Open offered a wonderful little adventure for our family, and the perfect distraction from my anxiety. I was enjoying each moment – in the moment – so much so that I decided to continue the adventures into Monday. I kept Liam out of school, and together we went to the aquarium. We spent time exploring the aquatic life, talking about the various fish, their habitats, and indulging in discovery play – learning all about the great lakes’ locks system. We ended our mommy and son adventure at the roundhouse where we explored old engines and passenger cars. At every moment Liam was discovering something cool, something neat, and asking so many relevant and interesting (and challenging) questions I was completely enthralled by him.

Liam with the jellyfish. Ripley’s Aquarium

Was I distracted? Yes. Did I feel recharged and relaxed? Yes. Did Liam? Yes. We built memories this past weekend. These moments will live in our hearts and in our minds. We fostered our relationships with each other as a family, and with ourselves.

It is important to nurture your soul; to do the things that make you happy; and to take time away from your hectic life. It is important to have little moments and little adventures, as I have discussed in my previous posts Building Memories and Everything Goes too Fast. Recognizing when you need a moment is key, but taking that moment is imperative. Because remember, this is your one life. This is your life. And it’s the little things that mean the most. So take a little moment for you.

Have a little adventure.

It’s the Little Things. Published by Crystal Joy Hall

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