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The Power of a Word

Cancer. It is a foreboding word. When spoken aloud, the word cancer can elicit an array of powerful emotions - shock, dread, fear, isolation, loneliness, terror, panic, anger, sadness, anguish… Cancer. I remember vividly, the multitude of overwhelming emotions I felt when I knew the radiologist found cancer...

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‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

’Twas the week before Christmas,when all through the landOmicron was threateningWhile closures expand. Travel was cancelled,To people’s dismayOmicron was prevalentIt was here to stay. Work from home ordersCame down through the ranks,While schedules were changingMany people’s hearts sank. It had been two years since weenjoyed Christmas timeThis COVID...

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Choose Joy

This month marks 5 years since my breast cancer diagnosis. June 02nd - mammogram, ultrasound, needle-aspiration biopsy, core biopsy; June 10th - MRI; June 16th - first visit with my Oncologist; June 17th - second needle-aspiration biopsy, second core biopsy; June 18th - Rapid Genetic...

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