I have not written of late. I have been struggling with content. It isn’t because I am at a loss for stories to share. It is just that my stories all seem so small compared to those from the dramatic turn of world events. I am struggling to comprehend, to process, and to express all that I am feeling in this moment. From the ridiculous – ridiculous – trucker convoy protest in Ottawa to Putin invading Ukraine, my mind is spinning, whirling, and reeling. I do not recognize this world I find myself in. Do you?

I think of all the amazing privileges we enjoy here in Canada. To name a few, we have universal health care, and I know that if I am sick I will be taken care of without the worry of financial expenses; we have publicly-funded schools, which allows every child access to an education; we have social programs to aid those in need; and we have the freedom to vote our government in (or out). We have choices; we enjoy liberties and equal rights … yet for many, it’s simply not enough! It became apparent during the recent trucker convoy protest. Those protestors complained about about wearing a mask. They disagreed on vaccinations, choosing ignorance over science; and they argued their rights were being taken away. My friends, when you reside in a democratic country you have a responsibility to contribute to the social and economic good of all not just of self. The trucker convoy protest was angering and frustrating because it was focused on nothing but self ‘My rights. My freedoms. My comfort.’ Not for a moment thinking of the greater good of all Canadians.

The privileges we as Canadians enjoy are being stripped away by others, elsewhere in the world. The Taliban in Afghanistan. Putin invading Ukraine. Civilians in these nations are being displaced. People are fleeing their homeland for safety. Families are being torn apart. Basic rights are being stolen. Should these citizens take a stand, fight back, and speak out they are fined, jailed, or worse, killed. Their world has turned upside down, yet here in Canada people are bemoaning masks and vaccines. Perspective.

I do not mean for this post to become something political as I am not a political person; and I do believe people have a right to demonstrate, as long as it is peaceful and respectful. The trucker convoy protest in Ottawa bore neither of these qualities. But, no, I am not political. I am merely an embarrassed and distressed Canadian. I am embarrassed by the behaviour of many who participated in the trucker convoy protest – their poor actions and biased complaints made me angry. They are not my voice. They represented the worst of Canada, in the poorest of demonstrations, when there are actual real-world problems occurring. But, it is these real-world problems that are frustrating and scaring me. I am terrified for those innocent individuals being driven from their homes, separated from their families, with lives being lost all because of zealous, power-hungry psychopaths – callous, unemotional, and morally depraved leaders – in countries on the other side of the world apart from mine own. I am distressed. I am scared at the extent these leaders will go to achieve what it is they want. They will stop at nothing – nothing – and it is alarming, terrifying, and very, very grave.

My heart is breaking. I feel like I am watching the events of 1939 occurring in 2022. Have we not learned from history? Have we not grown as a race and society? Can we not see what the present results will be by revisiting what they were in the past? How do we stop this? How do we change this course of action? How do we explain this to our children when we are struggling to comprehend it ourselves.

I know that I am not the only individual struggling to process. I know I am not the only person feeling a collision of overwhelming emotions. I know I am not the only Canadian feeling helpless within this moment – wanting to do more. Wanting to stop this madness. Wanting to stop a nation from being destroyed and families from being torn apart.

And so this is where my mind has been. It has been so very far away from my own personal strife and my own personal journey. Because it is not about me. It is not about my rights and my freedoms in this moment. It is about recognizing how privileged and lucky I am to be living in Canada, in a country as accepting and as free as ours. A country that serves to protect its citizens. And so, I want to hear about good Canadians stepping up to do what is best for all. I want to hear about Canadians coming together to fight for the actual freedoms that are being stolen by others. I want perspective.

I hope that – if we all come together – we can make a difference where it is so desperately needed.

If you wish to help with the disaster relief in Ukraine, please consider visiting Charity Intelligence Canada so you may make an informed decision on how to give.

Perspective. Published by Crystal Joy Hall

Featured Image by Pexels-Pixabay.

  • This was very thoughtful to read; especially as here in the US we have the convey too. I think it’s okay to be political because politics is life; literally every aspect of our lives is informed by policy, etc. so we should be actively involved … *but* it’s overwhelming if we get too drawn into it so we do need to have boundaries and chances to rest (I am very aware that being able to step away from it is a privilege that those who are suffering/struggling in the middle of political/world trauma do not have). The good thing is there are so many good people in the world and choosing to focus/highlight them is a wonderful balm to everything going on. Thank you for exploring your thoughts!

    March 13, 2022 at 6:13 PM

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