Celebrate Your Little One

Celebrate Your Little One

Today is Universal Children’s Day. A day in which we celebrate children.


As a mother to a 5 year old how did I not know about this day until – well – today? I don’t remember learning about this day in school nor did my parents celebrate Universal Children’s Day at home. Therefore I grew up completely unaware of not only the existence of this day but also the relevance of this day – how it came about and why it is of importance. So, I googled it on wikipedia and this is what I found: first proclaimed by the United Kingdom in 1954, Universal Children’s Day was established to encourage all countries to institute a special day, firstly to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children, and secondly to initiate action to benefit and promote the welfare of the world’s children. This movement came to fruition when the United Nations in 1959 and in 1989 adopted two Acts outlining the Rights of the Child. Leading us to today – a day in which we celebrate children. And so today, I wish to celebrate my own son for his natural curiosity & adventurous spirit; creativity & cleverness; and unconditional love & affection.


1. Natural Curiosity peppered with an Adventurous Spirit. I think this is something we should not only nurture within children but also within ourselves. Children learn about themselves and their environment through exploration and play. They are naturally curious and wildly adventurous. They are always testing their limits, their bodies, and their boundaries. To witness these remarkable gifts is inspiring. There are no inhibitions and no concerns of failure. It is about the discovery and the journey they embark on – whether it is a walk through a nature trail to see where it leads; or turning over a rock to see what lies beneath; or leaping off a swing while high in the air to see how far you can fly before you land. It’s that exhilaration you feel within that moment – pure joy and raw courage. And through that comes growth, knowledge, and lessons learned. My son wakes up talking, and doesn’t stop until he is sleeping. He asks – what can feel like – a hundred questions a day. He is curious about everything, and always observant of his surroundings. He has the courage to try new things and – where most adults refuse to try in fear of failure – he charges ahead and then asks why if the outcome is not what he anticipated. To possess that abundance of curiosity, adventurous spirit, and raw courage is extraordinary. We, as adults, can learn from our children. Be curious. Be adventurous. Have the courage to try.


2. Creativity with a dash of Cleverness. My son is incredibly creative. He possesses a rich imagination that is infectious and inspiring. He creates worlds, detailed plots, characters, and scenarios – so much so that one would think he is penning a novel or screenplay. He lures friends and family into his creative play, sharing his ideas and his stories. And he is clever… he has figured out how to tell a story, manipulating the adult in the room… yes. He, himself, is quite the little character. I often find myself falling into his little traps and it can sometimes result in a battle of wills. My child is willful. It stems from having a firm understanding and a steadfast want of his own vision coming to fruition. At young, tender ages, children have strong creative ideas with the cleverness to see them through. We, as adults, often dismiss these visions but truthfully we should celebrate them. Our children are thinking through scenarios, which requires compassion and empathy, and creating worlds to greater understand their own. They are creative and clever; and we should encourage and support their conception and imagination.


3. Unconditional Love brimming with Affection. Need I say more on this particular topic? The love you receive from a child is wondrous and fulfilling. Their love comes with no conditions attached. They love you because of who you are. No more. No less. It is truly the greatest love of all. And with that love comes an instinctive want for affection – hugs and snuggles can warm hearts like nothing else in this world. A child’s love is special, never to be taken for granted, mistreated, or neglected. The love that you give back will ultimately help shape and define your child. They look to you for guidance, protection, nurturing, and acceptance. I hug, cuddle, and hold my son as often as time permits. He knows he is safe. He knows he is accepted. He knows he is loved. Give your child the best of you, and never deny them your unconditional love.


So on this very important day – and always – take a moment to celebrate your little one.



Celebrate Your Little One. Published by: Crystal Joy Hall

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