Frankincense – King of Oils?

Frankincense – King of Oils?

In my recent post Stumbling in the Realm of Essential Oils I talked about my naiveté regarding the power of essential oils and how I was slowly discovering the benefits and uses of these remarkable remedies through careful usage of the Earth Luxe product line. I shared my personal experience with the Earth Luxe PURE Essential Oils and how they have, with recent use, benefitted me. I also talked about Frankincense Oil, however I had not yet tried it but I promised to share my results once I had.

If you recall [in my post] I mentioned how my chest x-ray was clear – YAY; however the mild pain and swelling was still ever-present. This is where I left off and promised to revisit [in my post]. This was 3 weeks ago. My bottle of Earth Luxe PURE Frankincense Organic Essential Oil arrived in the mail on a Wednesday – 1 week prior to my doctor appointment. That evening I created a modified bedtime routine, incorporating the essential oil usage. I combined 5 drops of Earth Luxe PURE Frankincense Organic Essential Oil with a teaspoon of Earth Luxe 100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil. After icing the area, I gently massaged this blend into my ribs and xiphoid. I repeated this ritual for 2 nights, broke for 2 nights, then repeated again for 2 nights. When I returned to my family doctor the following week for reassessment, the swelling and pain was gone! We were both impressed. I had favourable results from the natural remedy of icing and Frankincense Oil.

Since this blend of Frankincense and Coconut Oil had worked wonders on my ribs with its anti-inflammatory effects, I pondered on whether it would also work well on my knuckle – a very recent injury that landed me at the hand surgeon – but I wasn’t certain because this was a joint injury. Yet icing alone was not providing me with the relief I desperately needed, so I did a bit more reading. According the article 5 Benefits and Uses of Frankincense and 7 Myths by Registered Dietician Alina Petre she surmises that ‘Frankincense has anti-inflammatory effects that may help reduce joint inflammation’. That solidified it for me; and for the the past 4 nights I have, after icing the knuckle, gently massaged my blend of Frankincense Oil and Coconut Oil into the affected area. In just 4 short days I have noticed a remarkable improvement. I have more mobility in the knuckle, less pain and swelling, no bruising, and no awful crunchy sound/feeling when opening and closing my hand (it is not broken, an x-ray determined that). My injury is healing remarkably fast and I know it is because of the combined usage of icing and Frankincense Oil. I am in awe of this King of Oils.

“Nature is powerful. Nature’s bountiful gifts are remarkable. The ability to harness it, respect it, and heal from it is significant.” – Crystal Joy Hall

Of late, I have indulged in a little bit more reading, and I stumbled upon Meenakshi Nagdeve’s article 15 Proven Health Benefits of Frankincense Oil (reviewed by Scott Johnson, AMP, CEEOS, CCMA, CPC). In Meenakshi’s article, she states that ‘The oil can be used topically to reduce the spreading of skin cancer and breast cancer’. Although she does not elaborate on this point it piqued my interest further into this King of Oils. If this statement is true, it is no wonder Frankincense Oil is a hot topic of discussion within my breast cancer support groups. How does this oil benefit women afflicted with breast cancer? What other amazing powers does this oil offer to breast cancer survivors? I am very intrigued…

If my fellow cancer survivors have any recommendations – books to read and/or articles to share please comment below. I would love to hear about your personal experiences with essential oils, and which resource(s) you drew upon.

Frankincense – King of Oils? Published by Crystal Joy Hall

  • My wife is a lover of essential oils. Our son suffers with allergies often and since she’s started using diffuses and such, it’s helped a lot. For all of us.
    It’s awesome that the oil is working well for you in your situation. I used to always be skeptical of essential oils and never would have tried them myself.
    I’m a believer now though!

    April 14, 2019 at 5:01 PM

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