Here’s To Love

Here’s To Love

Today is Valentine’s Day. Seventeen years ago, on this day, I went on a date that altered my life forever…

I know I am – somewhat – plagiarizing previous work from my post 25 Reasons Why I Love You. However, three years have passed since I penned that blog post and since that time, a pandemic overtook the world. We were frightened, alone, confused, uncertain, and isolated. The pandemic altered almost every familiar facet of our lives. It impacted how we work, play, live, think, and feel. Our society has changed. We have changed. And so, inevitably, relationships have changed.

As I had previously discussed (in my post 25 Reasons Why I Love You), marriage is not a commitment to be taken lightly. The merging of two separate lives can be quite complex. We come together as very unique souls, with our own ambitions and pursuits, and then we struggle to navigate a new and unknown path together. We learn how to compromise, how to give as well as take, and how to forgive. We find a rhythm in the relationship that works, and we grow as a couple from there. But what happens when a pandemic ultimately changes our world? How do we maintain the rhythm that no longer exists? The pandemic brought so many unforeseen challenges to every aspect of our lives. It is all the more reason why I am so grateful that my husband and I genuinely appreciate each other, love each other, and like each other.

So today – three years later and two years into a pandemic – here are an additional 25 reasons why I love you, dear hubby, and why you are so special to me.

1.  You fill our home with laughter
2.  You are patient
3.  You are gentle
4.  You respect my privacy
5.  You gift me journals to write in
6. You tolerate my whimsical ways
7.  You are always willing to help
8.  You co-parent with me
9.  You support our child’s ambitions
10. You are quick to adapt
11. You compromise
12. You value our family
13. You appreciate me
14. You give me gentle hugs
15. You run errands so that I may rest
16. You STILL forgive my OCD
17. You help me stay calm
18. You smile more than you frown
19. You find joy in simple things
20. You are smart
21. You are interesting
22. You pursue your dreams as you support mine
23. You are authentic
24. You fill our hearts with warmth
25. You are devoted to me … to us

The pandemic showed us our strength as a family, our love as a couple, and our commitment to our marriage. Although we have had our challenges throughout this pandemic, I remain utterly grateful that I faced them with you.

So, here’s to love, to friendship, to marriage, and to family. On Valentine’s Day – and always. xo

Here’s To Love. Published by Crystal Joy Hall

Featured Image by Ylanite Koppens

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