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The Age of Six

The Age of Six… what a fascinating time this is! A time of physical growth, emotional growth, and intellectual growth. It is remarkable! And I am witnessing these growths - these changes - within my son at a rapid rate. Just weeks before Liam turned...

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The Art of Decluttering

It is autumn. As the leaves slowly change colour, and the air becomes crisp and lively, and the days grow shorter I am inspired to clean; that kind of cleaning most people enjoy doing in the latter weeks of spring, I also enjoy doing in...

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This Is Grief

I thought that after 3 years, this journey would get easier. However lately, I have found myself weeding through dark and muddled emotions - feelings of frustration, of anger, but mostly, of grief.   Grief.   I realize that I have not grieved. I have not mourned the life...

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